The difference in training
is black and white
— Susan Overfield

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Why I Live in Montana — June 1st, 2013

Almost to a “man”, my out-of-state clients always ask me why I live in Montana. Then they pause and look at me as if I, perhaps, have escaped and am seeking asylum.

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Overfield teaches a meaningful relationship between humans and dogs

Susan Overfield’s method differs greatly from conventional approaches by actually teaching positive social behaviors that dogs need and owners want. Taught in a common sense, no gimmicks, no frills manner that’s easy to learn and apply, dogs display desired behaviors quickly. It’s guaranteed to build a successful and happy relationship with the dog you love.

Dogs and puppies, including family, shelter, rescue, foster, “bad dogs”, “problem dogs” and some forms of “aggressive dogs”, understand this form of psychological behavioral-based training inherently and master it almost immediately. Owners may take a while longer to learn this dog psychological behavior training method and how best to put it into consistent practice in order to achieve the highest quality of dog or puppy to improve their relationship with canine companions.