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Dog Owners: Psychosis or Love?

November 3rd, 2011

The world is going nuts, I firmly believe this.

Owners, from many walks of life, claim they LOVE their dog(s). Fine, I accept that, but the way dogs are being treated is just nuts.

I believe many, many owners are displaying psychosis, small or large, and cannot allow their dogs to simply be dogs. The dogs are a vehicle by which the person gains attention. This is not good.

Here are some examples of how nutty owners can get and not a single dog demanded for themselves any of the following;

Chien Bizarre Haute Couture Coats For Dogs Denmark’s Chien Bizzare is making mink coats for dogs. Let’s not even enter the discussion of what happens to the minks, let’s confine ourselves to the psychosis of owners that need to put fur coats on dogs.

Dog weddings are gaining in popularity. Gimme a break! I’ve not heard a single dog claim they are so “in love” that they want to get married. A woman in England, however, spent almost $40k on a wedding for her dog.

Dog birthday parties. These dogs obviously missed the part about having fun. They do not look happy. Maybe it’s because they realize how old they really are in human years? I’m not going to ID the place this pic came from, but the woman should have her head examined. This is simply an excuse for humans to party. Why does one need an excuse?

Dog bedrooms, in this case at a “boarding” facility, though I’ve seen it in happen in owner’s homes. I wonder if the dog likes the decor?

It’s bad enough that we put faux jewelry on dogs, but I’ve seen real diamonds and pearls on them, too. Putting jewelry on a dog is all about the person, not the dog. I really wish it would all stop.

Halloween aside, there is a booming business in dog clothing. People, resist the urge to dress your dog. It’s not your child, it’s not a fashion statement. Dogs don’t like clothing.

Another example of dog clothing, but this time I’m going to ask, “Has the owner lost all intelligence?” Let’s review this: dog is for hunting, dog is out in the woods, dog wears cammo, hunter sees movement, shoots dog as he’s camouflaged. Dare I say it? Stupid in the extreme.

And the final, and most psychotic, act by owners? Cosmetic surgery for dogs:

1) Testicular Implants — neuter and replace with these fake cojones. This quote says it all when it comes to the owner’s mindset, ““He licks them like they’re real, and I can tell he would rather have them than nothing,” says Ryan.” Cost? Around $400 a pair.

2) Tail Docking — This is now illegal in many places. If people had the brains God gave a goat they’d know that a dog’s tail is a primary communication flag for those who know dogs.

3) Canine Breast Reduction — What IS it with humans and their obsession with “boobs”? At one end we have the Dolly Parton wish (sorry, Dolly, I know there are loads of other women out there with breast enlargements, but you are the most honest, accepting, and ‘up-front’ about it,) at the other end we have a dog with saggy mammaries that an owner can’t stomach.

4) Ear Docking/Straightening — Kind of makes one wonder if Vulcans did this to their kids and if Spock resented it. What?!?! You can’t stand ears that aren’t up straight and perky so you have to go chop at them? My suggestion is you learn to love your dog as he is, not for some “look”.

5) Canine Braces — People, people, people…It’s a well-known fact that Americans are fanatical about straight, white teeth, but these dogs will need to go under anesthesia each time these braces are tightened. This is not good, you’re courting danger for looks. Sacrifice yourself to the cosmetic gods if you wish, but leave these dogs alone.

I’m sure I’ve missed something, so feel free to add to this list of stupid things people do to dogs

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