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Know Thy Pet

March 15th, 2012

I’ve been gone from blogging since early December. Partly due to the holidays, followed by loss of internet for almost a month (this is both a good and bad thing), and then simply playing catch-up kept me busy.

I haven’t found a single thing I wanted to blog about as everything to do with dogs recently is pity, sentimentality, and silly. I refuse to play into that.

However, this popped up and I could not help but want to share. How well do people REALLY know the animal they harbor in their homes? If this video is any indication, not well at all (this would go for the instincts and actions of dogs, too, people.)

Still, it is simply too funny not to share. But consider this, the frog is better at the game than humans. The human is not smart enough to not piss-off the frog.

WARNING: Do NOT be drinking anything while watching this video. ENJOY!!!

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  1. From Karen, March 23, 2012:

    This made me laugh right out loud at work! Good Frog!!!

  2. From Cindy, March 24, 2012:

    WAY too funny. Yep, sure shows you need to know your pet! I hope I know mine better than that!! Good find Susan.

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