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Dogs, Skunks, and the Return From the Working Vacation

June 29th, 2012

Six weeks, that’s how long I was on the road. I posted pictures of the down-time. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I couldn’t post pictures of the working time. Why? Because I was working and sans a photographer.

But, this entry will deal with my return to the real world. And it got ugly this morning.

The only reason I can recount this with any irony, and hopefully humor, is that I’m downing a mint julep as a consolation.

I have turned my back porch over to the outside cats. I have installed a cat ‘hotel’ worthy of the same rating as the L’Auberge de Sedona. It’s heated. It has comfy beds. It’s weather proof. It has levels. It’s protected. It’s taking up the majority of my back porch.

I also have a cat “condo”, okay…more of a duplex, but still…which includes a heated bed. I offer water year-round, and daily food of unlimited amount.

I bring the cat food in at night as I’ve been inundated with racoons and trapped 5 last year alone. This forced me to drive them twenty miles in order to release them into a wilder spot that was more appropriate.

But this morning? Ah………..

This morning I opened the door to the porch, both dogs sat and waited to be released outside. Just at the edge of the porch sat one of the wild cats. No problem, the dogs know better than to hassle the cats. The cats are secure in their safety.

I opened the door, released the girls by name. Teige was the second out the door and gave a quick stop and a look to the left. Nothing out of the ordinary, simply an inquisitive glance at a new cat look.

The world blew up. Teige ran to the yard, sneezed several times, rolled in the grass. I gagged, looked down, and there was a baby skunk who’d been drinking water but, due to the sudden appearance of the unexpected dogs, had squirted and the deck was foul-smelling.

I froze. The dogs in the yard froze. The cats on the porch froze. The skunk froze and then thought about dashing into the house. How do I know? Because s/he was heading into the open door.

Not THE babyskunk

Pulling it quickly closed, I retreated from the smell and dashed out the front. I called Teige to determine the “damage”. It was so minute as to not be an issue. HOWEVER, the back porch is a nightmare.

Open the window???? Tempting, but no. Sit on it? I don’t think so. The cats are holding me responsible for the stench and I can’t find anything to dampen or destroy it.

I can only take refuge in the thought that solicitation, of all kinds, will NOT be happening at MY door.

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  1. From Sharon Williams, June 29, 2012:

    My Roxie got Skunked and she rubbed the oily spray on my front porch, I tried scrubbing it off with everything without success. Finally I tried “Goof Off” and it removed the stains & smell. Next time I have a quart size bottle & Roxie is getting a bath in it. She smelled for 9 months everytime she got wet.

  2. From Susan Overfield, June 29, 2012:

    I think the baby was so startled s/he didn’t turn, but simply sprayed. That’s why Teige didn’t get hit, simply caught the edge of the mist. The deck, however, behind the baby was seriously sprayed and it gets direct sun for the majority of the day. Go figure. It is pungent, to say the least.

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