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JAZZ: Homeward Bound

January 5th, 2013

Jazz was returned to her FP yesterday. It was time as she was ready.

She has come a long way and the FP has really worked hard to ensure that the house and the dogs in it are at the top of their behavioral game in order to make the reintroduction smooth and successful. The FP did a marvelous job. All her dogs are calm, quiet, and polite. Jazz slid back into the group with almost no disruption, to herself or the other dogs.

Jazz had mastered quite a bit of self-control and only need quiet reminders to self-correct for things like a sit, calming down, paying attention, not bothering the other dogs and, in general, not letting any craziness take control of her.

She had stopped defecating and urinating in the house. Didn’t have accidents in the crate. Willingly crated on command. Waited to eat until told it was okay. Came when called every time. Could leave and enter the house in emotional and physical control. Could find a place to settle down and relax. Could be trusted to do some wandering in acceptable areas without an accident. Was greeting people with surety and quietude. Had stopped jumping on people and getting up on the furniture or running in circles. Wasn’t barking incessantly, though she would bark if she heard a dog on the television. Yet, that only took a quiet correction and she stopped. She could accept affection without spinning emotionally out of control.

She is happy, content, and well on her way to making good behavior a routine in her life. I will miss her, but I know she now has a very good chance at finding a home.

I am VERY proud of her. I am extremely proud of her FP for stepping up and really doing the job of rehabilitating Jazz so that, no matter where she ends up, she can be a happy, well-behaved dog that is secure in her world.

Couldn’t start 2013 any better.

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