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Dogs and Springfever

April 21st, 2010

This is simply a nonsense blog today.  It is much too nice to be inside typing.

I don’t know how spring is going around the rest of the country, but here in Montana today is gorgeous.

We have no wind, the temperature is 72*, the sky is blue and cloudless and the dogs and I have walked and sat merely for the fun of it.

We parked ourselves along the creek and watched a couple of beavers who seemed a bit bemused by our lack of trees.  We also watched a muskrat going about some undefined business.  The ducks kept a wary eye on us, but instead of flying away, they just floated off downstream a bit.  The geese, who are laying or sitting on nests, were perturbed by our presence, but soon ignored us.

We then ambled back up to the front deck, relaxed with the cats and lazed away some time.  I finally felt it important that I achieve something of worth today and am now blathering away at this blog.

The dogs and I will be going back outside now.  It is my understanding that it may rain or snow in the next day or two.  I won’t waste a wonderful spring day inside.

Hope you, too, are enjoying the day.

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  1. From BJ, April 21, 2010:

    I couldn’t agree more. Great post.

  2. From Sandy, April 29, 2010:

    Well, I just went outside and, granted, it’s not snowing, but it IS pouring outside….doesn’t really cultivate MY spring fever. :) However, the goslings and ducklings seem to think this is just what the doctor ordered, as do all of the little plants. It might as well get a little colder, so the skeeters get tamped down for a while.

  3. From Cindy, Newton, Levi, Nitro, Milo Shipe, April 29, 2010:

    It’s been up and down here. A few days its 40’s then the next few in the upper 70’s. I just wish it would stabilize. Dogs and I are TRYING to stay outside, but we never know one day to the next. Sure am glad you had at least some “down” time. Don’t work too hard, warmer weather is commin your way to stay!

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