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Dog Training: Stupidity & Ineptitude in Action

May 20th, 2010

Well, that headline should just about guarantee a collective primal scream.  But, it’s true.  Dog owners are being screwed and they ought to know it.

I’m going to do this in pictures so there’s no argument about A) the fact of the growing stupidity is obvious, B) just because a person SAYS they train dogs doesn’t mean they know squat, it only means they know more than you, which may not be a lot, C) a lot of letters after a trainer’s name usually spells BS, and D) Dog TRAINERS don’t hold a candle to dog HANDLERS.

Let’s take a photographic stroll with some dog handlers who have never gone to obedience training and use  non-certified training methods, shall we?

Ask yourself, “Did this woman take her dog to a special obedience class?”    How  can  this be?

Here are boys and men, from a “primitive” culture, only 1 is using on a light rope as a lead, the others of off-lead.  This is not an acceptable substitute for modern equipment, which you will be told you MUST have.

Where did they learn this method?

This can NOT be right.  Tracking dogs off-leash?  These men are not certified trainers, how dare they.  Just WHAT is their background in dog training?

EVERYONE knows you can’t have this kind of dog off-leash.  They run away.

Cheers for modern technology as this photo must have been taken with high-speed film to be able to catch the dog before he sprinted away.

This Samoyed man is not a responsible dog owner to allow this breed off-leash

What’s wrong with this picture? The goat is on a tether, the dog is not. OMG, I bet this lady thinks she knows something about how to handle dogs, you can just tell by the way she’s laughing—what arrogance!

What’s THIS?  Hunting dogs with their noses off the ground? Not running off?  WALKING?  Not barking?  I bet they were trained using a harsh method.

Oh, wait, I know!  All the riders have treats which they throw to the dogs while galloping over fields and jumping stiles and hedges.

See Spot?  See Spot work the sheep? Spot is looking at the SHEEP, NOT the man.   (If Spot looks at the man, the sheep escape.)  Boy, does this guy need some AKC or All-Breed Herding lessons. (see below in next section)

Dog watching cows.  Man watching dog.  Man has no flag, rope, stick in hand.  How did this man win this competition when he’s so inept at training?

OLD lady with what looks to be a prime-aged dog of about 5 or 6.  Bet the woman never put the dog on a leash.  Bet it didn’t run away and she didn’t chase it.  How did she do it, I wonder?  MAYBE she started it out right as a pup.  What a concept.

Now let’s look at modern, certified, positive-method trainers.

Here’s a trainer. Look at the grip this woman has on her dogs.  Did her training not work when she taught sit?  Maybe she should practice more.

Remember the Samoyed man?  He was hugging his kids while his dog sat nicely.

Stumble.  Trip.  Tangle. Fall.  Choke.

Now that’s the way to teach a dog to herd.  Modern training with no trust or ability, unless you have a leash.

You’ll have to look closely, but this dog has  what seems to be 100′ lead dragging in the dust, a flag waving in his face (which means he’s NOT looking at his sheep–remember above?)

If you don’t know dogs, livestock, or how either of them work or respond, try this kind of training.  It’s not real, but it’ll make you feel good.  And you’ll never feel inadequate as the trainer doesn’t know squat, either.

I’m trying, really trying to figure this one out.  Does she really think the dog is learning something?  Would this dog look at a pack leader this way?  She sure is cute, though.  Perky.

Silly me, of course, that’s what’s sold, perky training to feel good.

Good for the human ego, but what’s the guy going to do the day he has his hands full or the dog’s back is to him?

Betcha dogs don’t use paw signals to communicate.

Modern trainer unable to teach a dog to walk nicely ON or OFF-leash creates a gimmick to sell to gullible owner.

Think we ought to tell that boy with the light rope about this?  I think this is JUST what is needed in the jungle.

WAIT!  Let me see if I can name all the things wrong in this picture.

Death-grip on the leash.  Pulling the leash so head goes back.  Treat so that the pup needs to relearn that you are important.  Starting wrong so that the trainer can tell you to come back for loads more classes.  Not to mention obesity, useless calories, & wasted bucks.

A trainer who needs a long lead is NOT a trainer.  A trainer that uses a long lead is like a wife that hires a private investigator: No trust, no respect, expects the worst and gets it.

This is what you are being taught.

How much will you have to pay to teach your dog to do something this useless?  Wouldn’t you rather pay once to get a well-behaved dog and then teach this on your own for free?

Oh, well…look at it this way, if your dog misbehaves you can always get him to sit in the corner on the chair.

Today’s trainers, having learned failing methods, are teaching them to you and your dog at great cost; mentally, physically, and socially.  It’s why more and more dogs are exhibiting neurosis and poor behavior.

Let’s go back to what worked, still works, and is good for both dog and human.  Let’s learn how to handle dogs correctly.

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  1. From Sandy, May 20, 2010:

    Your illustrations, with commentary, make it completely clear. Why would anyone not WANT to learn how to communicate? Great piece.

  2. From Cindy, July 5, 2010:

    GREAT! I love the pics – they SO define what’s happening there and at clubs everywhere. Susan, your words keep comming back to me, “AAHHTT!!!” It DOES work! Everybody needs to be taught how to understand their dog, THEN let out to go and work with them. Why would anybody want to start out wrong, then have to keep “training” the same dog. When done right the first time handling a dog is not only rewarding, but makes your life SO much happier. Not to mention how happy you and your dog both are.

  3. From Alexander Rose, September 3, 2010:

    Thank you for sharing!

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  10. From Jake Brown, June 26, 2011:

    It pleases me that intelligent people think about this subject finally.

  11. From Drew T, July 21, 2011:

    spot on. as an non certified (and thus unpaid) trainer, i use my lifelong love of dogs to help my friends, mostly college age with bad mannered dogs, create a great relationship based on trust. these photos are great evidence for what i try to say! really funny too

  12. From Drew T, July 21, 2011:

    above: by bad mannered i mean dogs with bad manners

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