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Dog Trainers Could Learn Something From This

January 1st, 2010

It’s a new year.  Hopefully, it will be a new year in the thinking evidenced by the vast majority of “dog trainers” and they will dump the failing and outdated formats they use.

Yep, I said it.  Dog “training” today doesn’t work.  It is failing our dogs.  If  it DID work then we wouldn’t have so many shelters, rescues, fosters, and ads begging for money, and the leading killer of dogs under age 2 wouldn’t be BEHAVIOR problems.

I know 99% of those that call themselves “dog trainers” have never truly depended on a dog as a partner in a practical job sense.  If they had, they never would “train” in the manner they do.

They also base all “training” on a failing model and do not offer the one thing ALL species do–the teaching of behavior.  BEHAVIOR BEGETS OBEDIENCE and every animal on the planet, except the dog trainer, can seem to understand this and teaches it above all other things first.

Also, these ‘quasi-trainers’ would have a much higher regard for the entirety of the individual dog and consilient thinking.  They would draw  information from a wide range of sciences.  These people would realize the true intelligence of  the dog and stop dealing with them as if they were mildly retarded in their ability to learn, delineate, infer, and implement reason, experiences, and memories.  If this weren’t possible, the dog would have become extinct a long, long time ago.

An interesting piece by Frans de Waal is posted over at Huffington Post and has several examples of a wide variety of animals and their incredible intelligence as a complete entity.

I hope you read it and respect your dog for his diversity, intelligence, and individuality.  That would be a wonderful New Year’s resolution–a rich and varied life for your dog and total inclusion in your relationships because you’ve taught him good behavior, NOT obedience.

“I’ve taught her one thing: No.  Don’t do this, don’t do that…to do nothing but obey is no gift.  Obedience without understanding is a blindness.  Is that all I’ve wished on her?” The Miracle Worker, MGM, 1962

Susan Overfield

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  1. From Beth and Sandy, Cascade, January 1, 2010:

    It’s refreshing to read this kind of straight talk, unvarnished. Perhaps if people who took our money to “train” and then blamed us when it didn’t work had instead worked on actually understanding dogs, we would not have an epidemic of dogs without homes, dogs getting euthnized in shelters. Thanks for telling it like it is, Susan.

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