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Dr. Seuss Could Teach Us About Dogs

September 30th, 2011

Okay, it’s official. A lot of women are obviously suffering from mental illness and need to be put in a padded kennel.

There seems to be way too many women who have not grown up.
Perhaps they forgot to put their pom-poms down at the end of High School.

Perhaps they never did have pom-poms and are women stuck in the halcyon days of Barbie. Maybe their mothers refused to buy them Barbie’s house, or car, or balked at Malibu Barbie for their birthdays and the mental illness is showing itself now.

Whatever the case, they need to quit living by extension through their dogs. I suggest they purchase a copy of “The Cat in the Hat”, by Dr. Seuss. They need to read it carefully. If they are they type of person who learns better when they HEAR instructions, get someone to read it to them.

The critical part of this book lies in the line, “It’s fun to have fun,
but you have to know how.”

It has become the norm to dress up our dogs. This is not good. Dogs don’t like it, but it’s all for the people.

There’s a fine line between the psychosis of flying monkeys and this next level. A lot of you women have clearly stepped waaaaayyyyyy over it.

At CNN World there’s an article about the Chinese dyeing their Chow-chow dogs to look like wild animals.

First, let’s get some basic information solidly in those vapid brains. Dogs can identify other dogs in their breed. Screw with a dog’s appearance and you create a serious problem for recognition of dog by dog. This could cause problems like fights, puppy acceptance, not to mention mental illness by the dog.

Dogs are not dolls. Dogs are not ego extensions. Dogs are not there to fill the void in your self-esteem. Dogs are dogs. Live with it. In this case, do NOT feel the dog, do not be one with your dog!

Go listen to the Beatles…Let It Be!

Chinese dogs are being dyed to resemble all manner of animals.

Now before all you go thinking, “It’s a Chinese thing”, let me point out that the next group of photos are all from the Western world. Once again, we’re back to Dr. Seuss. However, I think most of you did not read the entire book, or if you did, perhaps your comprehension is low and you need to re-read it. You seem to have gotten stuck on, “Look at me, look at me, look at me now…”

Go back and finish reading the rhyme.

Did you do it? I hope so, because the following dogs are from women with too much time on their hands and not enough empathy for the dog. The dogs were photographed by Ren Netherland and published in an article by The Daily Mail. NONE of these dogs look happy, but I bet the women are ecstatic.

Owner and show veteran Sandra Hartness created this misery

I can only pray this next dog takes her wand and beats the living daylights out of the groomer.

I wish Johnny Depp would sue the owner of this dog.

Captain Jack Sparrow was the inspiration for poodle owner Missy Gullett

I’m sure convincing these women to stop doing this to dogs will be like ‘herding cats’. The era of the cowboy was very short. The Old West is dead, honey. Let it rest in peace.

Here’s a dog that can satisfy both sexes nostalgia: The women’s cheerleader fantasies and the men’s longing for that NFL spot on their favorite team.

Stampede. I am praying for a stampede which causes death, destruction, eradication of these groomers.

Now, for all of you that think doing this to dogs is somehow wonderful, let’s put the shoe on the other foot and see how happy WE’D be.

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  1. From Steve, October 5, 2011:

    At least those Chows aren’t getting eaten. I’ll let you decide if that’s an improvement.

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