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Cherries — Organic

Fresh-picked, tree-ripened, Montana ORGANIC cherries. Order and pre-pay for Farm Market day pick up. Sold by the 1/2 pound and pound. Bing, Rainier, and cherry pie (tart)

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Raspberries – Organic

Fresh-picked, bush-ripened, Montana ORGANIC raspberries. Order and pre-pay for Farm Market day pick up. Sold by the quart (1 1/2 pounds) and pint (3/4 pound)

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Behavioral Dog Class

Teaching good behavior that is based on their social identity and self-managed by your dog results in your dog feeling like a competent, content, complete partner. A partner who listens, behaves, can hold a LONG down and stay, is able to negotiate the social world with skill by not bothering others and is protected from incorrect responses seen in so many dogs. Dogs learn this extremely quickly and incorporate it into their daily world.

1 dog + owners


Private Consultation

A 2-hour private consultation for all ages and breeds, for a maximum of 2 dogs, either in your home or at Overfield Kennels. This consultation will focus on both general and specific behavior problems of the dog(s) and educating the owner(s) in a manner that is a proven success without fear or abuse. It is behaviorally-based and has NOTHING to do with obedience. It works within the social parameters of the dog’s ‘culture’ and has been highly successful with all genetically/medically sound dogs. Owners will learn about dogs, how they think, react, their social identity, and how to communicate correctly in order to establish behavioral parameters that work and can be successfully maintained. The skill and knowledge of the owner coupled with the correct behavior from a dog can result in a 2-hour or more sit/stay without “practice”, a come (recall command), socially acceptable behavior upon greeting people/animals, self-moderating behavior from dogs, and increased awareness, knowledge and competency in the dog-human relationship from owners. (For
consultations outside a 50 mile radius of Overfield Kennels there is a travel fee. Please contact us, regardless of your home state, for fees. Our goal is to help dogs and owners and we attempt to keep travel fees reasonable for that reason.)

CONTACT Susan Overfield via contact tab on this website or by phone to set up a consultation time.

2-hour private consultation for max 2 dogs , in your home or at Overfield Kennels. Travel fee applies for consultations outside of 50 mile radius of GF MT


BOSS Dog Clinic

A dog, an owner, a partnership for life.  BOSS Dog Clinics differ greatly from conventional obedience-based methods by teaching positive social behaviors that dogs need and owners want. Taught in a common-sense, no gimmick, no frills way that’s easy to learn and apply, dogs display desired behaviors quickly. Guaranteed to build a successful and happy relationship with the dog you love. Course is taught by Susan Overfield, author, national speaker, and dog behavioral instructor with 40 years hands-on experience. Accepting dogs ages 8 weeks to adult, any breed, registration required.
Contact: Susan Overfield for registration form.

Is per dog/handler


Saturday Dogs…and the Owners they Trained

The anecdotal, laugh-out-loud stories outline a proven approach unique in the family dog world as it leads owners to focus on the dog’s behavior and social identity in a relationship-oriented way. Each dog has a different issue. Each owner a different challenge. Each pair learns how to open the door to a relationship with long-term stability within the behavioral, psychological, emotional, and social parameters of man’s best friend. Original.

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Get the PDF version:

PDF version: $3.99


Aahhtt!! T-shirt

Pre-shrunk 100% cotton unisex t-shirts. Available in solid black with white lettering or solid white with black lettering.



Customized Aahhtt!! T-shirt

Put your favorite picture of your dog on our Aahhtt!! T-shirt. Pre-shrunk, 100% cotton unisex t-shirt. Available in solid black with white lettering or solid white with black lettering.



Aahhtt!! Scoop-It Bowl

The scoop n’ serve dog food bowl features a large hand slot that allows for scooping from the bag.



Aahhtt!! Heavy-duty Leads

These leads are heavy-duty single-play nylon, made with the best hardware available and stitched with premium nylon thread. All leads feature an 8-inch handle and nickel bolt snap.