The Difference In Training Is Black And White

About Susan

Susan Overfield’s method differs greatly from conventional approaches by actually teaching positive social behaviors that dogs need and owners want. Taught in a common sense, no gimmicks, no frills manner that’s easy to learn and apply, dogs display desired behaviors quickly. It’s guaranteed to build a successful and happy relationship with the dog you love.

Dogs and puppies, including family, shelter, rescue, foster, “bad dogs”, “problem dogs” and some forms of “aggressive dogs”, understand this form of psychological behavioral-based training inherently and master it almost immediately. Owners may take a while longer to learn this dog psychological behavior training method and how best to put it into consistent practice in order to achieve the highest quality of dog or puppy to improve their relationship with canine companions.


Most dog owners are confused by the seemingly infinite choices of dog trainers and dog training classes on the market today. When they begin to look for obedience training for dogs, they are overwhelmed with claims. Dog trainers are now using “buzz words” like “certified” and “behavior” to promote their dog training classes. However, if owners are going to seek out obedience training for dogs, the only result that matters is the overall behavior of the dogs that the various dog trainers and dog training classes have turned out.

In my state of Montana and nationally, I am known to consistently and successfully, through my behavioral obedience training for dogs, teach owners a proven method that dogs understand, can achieve and maintain. So immediate is the change in the dog’s behavioral response, so full of common sense and information about dogs and how they think is my behavioral obedience training for dogs, that owners, as well as some dog trainers, shelters and rescue personnel, are altering their teaching methods to this form of obedience training for dogs with amazing and positive results for all.